BKD Designs specialise in town planning on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. As licensed Building Designer, BKD Designs have the experience and skill in preparing all the required documents and conducting or organising all the necessary activities needed to have your Development Application successfully approved (subject to reasonable and standard conditions).

We can help you from initial pre-application advice through to lodgement with local and state authorities.

During the development process BKD Designs can advise you of the likely time frames associated with your application, whether it would be “code” or “impact” assessable, any specialist consultants that may be needed, likely infrastructure charges or referral agencies that may be required to complete the application.

Services Include:

Prepare Development & Material Change of Use Application:

  • Planning assessment reports
  • Completion of IDAS forms
  • Public Notification when required
  • Representations to Local Council for Negotiated Decision Notices
  • Lodgement of all information to the correct assessment authorities
  • Preparation of Detailed Plans & Documentation
  • Building designs
  • Detailed Landscape Designs
  • Site Layouts demonstrating Car Parking positions and Swept Paths, Driveway Access & Egress as
    well as general building site position and landscaping
  • Organise and Oversee Specialist Consultants
  • Project Management of the entire process

Development Application

A development application may be required to be prepared for Local and State Government Authorities for approval if you are planning any of the following:

  • Carrying out building work
  • Carrying out plumbing or drainage work
  • Carrying out operational work
  • Reconfiguring a lot
  • Making a material change of use (MCU) application

What is a Material Change of Use (MCU)

When someone seeks to change the “use” or the current purpose of a parcel of land to a new “use” or purpose as described in the local council planning scheme they will need to apply for a MCU. Commonly known as rezoning, an MCU application is often required for any proposed development to a parcel of land whether vacant or occupied. An example maybe proposing a set of high density units on a low density zoned parcel of land, as this would be outside the intended or current use of the land; an application to local council for permission is required.

Material Change of Use is a term the Queensland State and Local Governments use in the assessment of a property Development Application. Under the Sustainable Planning Act (SPA) 2009 MCU is defined as:

  • The start of a new use of the premises
  • The re-establishment on the premises of a use that has been abandoned or
  • A material increase in the intensity or scale of the use of the premises

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