grom-1BKD Designs, Sunshine Coast know that as the demand for green housing and sustainable design grows, the BKD Designs team make sure they stay at the leading edge of changes in the field.

A good building design should incorporate layout for passive cooling & heating, which is designed to reduce running and maintenance costs through careful selection.

Our designs exceed all required building standards, such as the use of recycled water and solar design, and can incorporate optional energy efficient features such as construction from recycled, sustainable or renewable resources.

To maximise energy efficiency in our designs we use a 137 point Sustainability Housing Checklist approved by the Building Designers Association of Queensland.

Our knowledge of energy efficient designs means that there is no need to outsource to other consultants, saving you time and money.

The most important fundamentals of good housing design for the tropics are airflow, orientation and shading. We can advise the best orientation of your building on the land to maximise the use of natural heating and lighting from the sun, and cooling by taking advantage of the prevailing breezes.

By incorporating energy efficiency into your building design not only are you saving money on heating, cooling and lighting but you are helping the environment by minimising the amount of carbon used to construct your home and the amount of carbon used during the life of the house.

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