Both Builder and Designer play important roles ensuring the outcome of the quality of your building project, be it be your own home, investment property, commercial project, renovation or extension. It sounds obvious, but Builders are experts in constructing buildings while Designers are experts in designing spaces.
It is for this reason Designers are best utilised prior to securing a Builder.

Going directly to the Builder first means you miss out on the design stage which is your opportunity to work with a designer to develop a design which meets your needs. The majority of Builders generally have a variety of ‘off the shelf’ plans that have been repeated over and over within the community. This means your house will have no real point of difference from the other houses around you. A Builder may give you the opportunity to make minor changes to a design; keep in mind this will never achieve the same results as a tailored design.

Your lifestyle, the site constraints, aspects, views, privacy issues and council requirements are all important considerations in successful design and are factors that your Designer account for every day.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars go into a building project, and for most of us it is the greatest investment we will make in our lifetime.  Careful design ensures that the investment is worthwhile, both short and long term. It is easy to assume that eliminating the cost of a design professional will reduce the cost of the build, but this is rarely the case. A great, unique design has the potential to increase resale value by thousands of dollars. A well thought out house also has the ability to grow with you and accommodate changing needs throughout your lifetime, saving you costs on modifications in the future. A Designer considers many factors when solving a design problem, beyond the traditional matters of getting the project built and meeting the budget and schedule. Other broad factors include:

  • Providing spaces for a client’s unique needs and requirements
  • Expressing the clients feelings, values and priorities
  • How the design will relate to the site
  • How the design integrates into the neighbourhood and historical context
  • How the small details enhance the overall effect
  • Long and short term economic benefits of designs, material, finish and fixture selections
  • Energy and environment responsibility
  • Pre planning for optional future changes
  • How new work will fit without contrast with existing construction if renovating.

Designers have undergone years of study which enable them to implement the best practices to maximise a design and hence achieve the most efficient, cohesive, energy efficient building for a given budget.

Another benefit of using a Designer before heading straight to a Builder is that you are able to get multiple quotes from multiple Builders allowing you to choose the one who is best for you. Going straight to a Builder locks you in to their terms, does not allow you to get comparative quotes and eliminates the need for them to provide a competitive price. If you want an original and creative design, value for money, quality documentation and independent advice on finding the right Builder for your project contact BKD Designs now on 07 49787 661.